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Westside Gunn Ft. Benny – Lotto



Westside Gunn Ft. Benny – Lotto Mp3 Download

Westside Gunn & Benny exchange gritty verses over DJ Green Lantern production. Westside Gunn has been delivering raw street hip-hop for years. The businessman slash rapper’s Griselda Imprint made an impression on Eminem, who ultimately went on to sign Westside Gunn & Conway to Shady Records. While the co-sign was a sign of validation for the self-made men, it hasn’t stopped Westside from delivering his signature sound without deviation. Now, Complex has premiered one of the first looks at Gunn’s upcoming Chris Benoit album, the Benny-assisted “Lotto.” The song itself features an eerie, retro-inspired synth beat from Green Lantern, who immediately sets a feverish, yet hypnotic tone.

Drawing influence from an iconic wrestling match between Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho, Gunn and Benny trade extensive verses, choosing words carefully to ensure maximum impact. “Crossing all my T’s I had to go to court,” raps Westside. “24 keys make a n***a snort.” Peep the single now, and sound off. Are ya’ll checking for that Chris Benoit project?

Admittedly, the project’s title has been off-putting to some, as Benoit ultimately went on to murder his family before taking his own life. Despite the macabre subject matter, it seems to be part of Gunn’s M.O; previous Griselda drops include references to Hitler and Bin Laden alike.

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